Hazardous Material Waste Transportation

Onal Logistics is a team of dangerous goods in the sector with 0 error and observing the team, along with our team and technical equipment, we think in the international area is reliable and environment, nature is our primary goal is not to harm. Transport of Hazardous Waste; Within the scope of the Regulation on the Control of Hazardous Wastes, it is a necessary type of transport for the transport of wastes and is a service within the scope of the same regulation in the sense of sharing the obligations that are brought to waste producers and intermediate storage, recovery and / or disposal facilities.

Hazardous substances are transported on public road in accordance with the Regulation on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and ADR provisions in a way that is economical, controlled, serial, safe, without causing harm to human health and has the least negative impact on the environment. Transfer of hazardous wastes to intermediate storage or recovery / disposal facilities Hazardous Waste Transportation is carried out by licensed vehicles and National Waste Transportation Form (UATF).