About Us

The company started its operation in 1984 as ÖNAL TİCARET in the sector of service provision. However, its name was changed as ÖNAL LOGISTICS FERTILIZER INDUSTRY TRADE LLC (ÖNAL LOJİSTİK GÜB. SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ) in 1994 due to the businesses, which were conducted by it, as deemed proper according to TCC (Turkish Commercial Code). It has used its best efforts to provide any kind of service since the beginning depending on resources at its disposal.

Today, it provides service with its vehicle fleet with a capacity of 1.250.000 KG.TON and its reliable staff. It keeps operating with an undeviating staff based on principles of our general manager, Mr. Ahmet Önal. The works completed by it until now are its reference.